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Miloh Single Cover

Meet the hugely talented Miloh Ramai who is making a name for himself on the South African music scene. This brilliant singer/songwriter/performer has recently dropped his new single which is getting extensive air-play on radio stations all over the country...

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Cover Issue 44

Zanele Muholi is the main feature and cover article of the publication. Zanele is a gifted photorapher/artist/activist who has exhibited her photography both here in South Africa and overseas. Her photography highlights social issues and discrimination faced by the black lesbian and trans communities in South Africa and has inspired conversations and debate around these issues... 

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Kirvan Fortuin 2

We sadly say goodbye to Kirvan Fortuin, a gifted dancer/choreographer who was sadly taken from us. Kirvan was stabbed and passed away as a result of the attack - he will be sadly missed and OUT Africa Magazine extends condolences to his family and friends - he will be missed by so many people...

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But wait there's more ... 

UPA logo
United Prides of Africa

The biggest African online Pride event takes place on the 26 September. The event encompasses a number of Prides from countries all over Africa, a continent where most countries deny LGBTI+ rights and where our brothers and sisters are unable to celebrate Pride in their own countries. So save the day, tune in on YouTube, organise a watch party and celebrate Pride across the continent ...

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man-in-denim-jacket-yellow-cap-and-sunglasses-Photo by Keanen Geego Kilian from Pexels

We feature some great looks on the fashion front with wearable, everyday street wear that looks great ...

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Gay Husband 2 Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Social Interest

There are articles which deal with social issue such as marriages where one of the partners comes out and how the straight partner has dealt with it. Some of these situations are traumatic, breaking up homes, how they deal with social stigma and discrimination and the hurt ...

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Movie Brokeback

Check out some of the best LGBTI+ films that have been released over the past 90 years. Some are just pure fun, others have broken barriers ... others make a statement but all are great movies to add to your collection , so stream them, download them, buy the DVD and add them to your collection ... 

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Peter Tachell 3

The world-renowned activist for LGBTI+ and other social rights, Peter Tatchell, chats about whether the fight for equality is enough or whether our goal should be liberation! ... 

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man-holding-dumbbell-Photo by josef pascal from Pexels
Health & Fitness

With gyms being closed in many countries and limited numbers of people allowed at any one time here in South Africa, it is important to keep your body in top shape for when the lockdown is lifted and we can show our toned selves at pools and beaches ...

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Guy Candy

Be honest, we all like to check out a little eye-candy. In this issue we bring you a few pages of guy-candy - men at work, topless, sweating ... woof! 

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